In the midst of olympic fever, American pride is sweeping the nation.  Nationalism is suddenly 'in vogue' as we come together to root for the home team.  With that said, I thought it would be fitting to have an American themed post, but that seemed to stump me - what exactly is our American design style? Is it:

-a space filled with products made solely in America?
-a style lacking foreign influences?
-a room that serves as a melting pot of foreign influences?
-an abundance of red white and blue?
-a white picket fence around a 'country' home?

Now do you see my issue?  Is a house in the heartland with a farm in the backyard more American than a condo on the beach in Florida, or a brownstone in NYC?  I say no way!  Country Living Magazine says there are five major elements to American style: collections, layering, fresh color, florals and comfort (the last of which, I couldn't agree with more).    

 A home is what you make it, and here are my favorite 'All-Americans":

Such beautiful collections deserve to be displayed - they add a sense of who the home owner is, and give depth to the space (mixing old and new is always best). 

Layering of patterns, depth of color, and old/new.
From Country Living, Photo by Miki Duisterhof

The jewel toned colors in this living room are saturated to the most beautiful level, and they help the art and antiques take on a new life.  The neutral wall and floor help balance them and make them cohesive.
From Elle Decor, photo by William Waldron

When I think floral I think old ladies, simple as this.  This room, covered in Lily Pulitzer, is anything but that - it is fresh, young, and totally American!

Who's more American than Ralph Lauren?  This vignette, taken from his Spring 2012 collection, looks like the epitome of comfort, right?

Good Luck Team USA!


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