Yesterday, I spent the day in Brooklyn.  From Park Slope to Clinton Hill to Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn's style is unique, in the best way possible.  As a borough, it is known to be defined by 'hipsters' and this is certainly evident in its interior style.  Exposed brick, pre-war brownstones, arts and crafts and vintage-esque decor seem rule.  Here are a few shots of inspiring style in restaurants.  

This was taken in a cafe called Cafe 232 - a cute place I stumbled upon in Bed-Stuy.  While I did not try the coffee (my friend did and said it was delicious) - I did spend some time taking in the decor. (similar lighting here

More from Cafe 232 - I loved all of their lighting.  It appeared to be well thought out and while they had several different fixtures, they all worked together with an industrial vibe (after all, this was in a converted warehouse!). Check out tons of light fixtures with a similar industrial feel here.   

Behind the counter at the cafe, they had 3-D wooden cut out letters spelling out their name, and rows of wooden cubbies below.  Not only are these an appealing decor element, they add a ton of storage.  This would be great in a children's room - rows of cubbies affixed to a wall (like these and these from The Container Store).

This was a really interesting (albeit random) element - they affixed three rows of glass balls to the wall. You would think that these had lights in them but the lights were above, creating stunning shadows.  How beautiful would this be if the balls covered the entire wall, with shadows everywhere?  

The Brooklyn Public House is a Fort Green Institution - known for its beer selection and greasy grub (of which I had none and thus cannot comment).  The decor, however, was quintessential Brooklyn-pub-vintage.  In this picture, you can see the metal ceiling tiles (similar here and here), the fantastic vintage mirror and the light pendants - they work together so beautifully, right? And wouldn't those tiles be amazing in a home? They add so much character and are fairly inexpensive. 

Another shot of the bar.. so colorful I couldn't resist.

This was the cutest of all - a built-in window seat booth by the front window!  If I was seated here I would never want to leave - such a prime people watching opportunity.  I bet no one ever takes the seat with their back to the window though, that would be awkward, wouldn't it?

I hope you enjoyed my journey to Brooklyn!  


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