Bartlett Arboretum Designer Showcase

I currently live in Stamford, Connecticut, and as you are probably thinking, nothing too exciting design-wise happens in my town.  You can imagine my excitement when about a month ago (June 8-15) our local Bartlett Arboretum was having a Designer Showcase and Garden Tour - of course I had to check it out.  It was raining the day I went so the 'garden' aspect was a bit of a bust, but here are a few pictures of rooms that caught my eye. 

I love the corner windows - how could you not put a desk here?  

The metallic pillow is so on trend.  Similar here and here and here - gosh there are so many that are so beautiful, maybe I should do a post on just metallic accessories.  
 This wall color is my absolute favorite color right now - so warm and happy.   

 How insane is this coffee table?  It is composed of tiny laminated logs - too bad it was massive and probably way too big for a NYC apartment.  Maybe I can build a smaller one myself?
 Loved the composition of this room - a great way to utilize a small space is to put a desk behind the couch (also helps avoid the "put all furniture against the wall" ballroom effect).  Room design by Steve Watson Interior Design
 Could this daybed possibly be more perfectly placed?  I could lay here and read all day. 
Room design by Steve Watson Interior Design

Please note - I took these on my phone, before the conception of this here blog, so rest assured that the quality of pictures will only go up from here.  

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