Gallery Walls

There are few decor tactics more appealing to me than gallery walls - walls filled with a neat grid OR a seemingly haphazard cluster of framed pieces of art / pictures / collectibles / posters, etc.  They seem to add an element of humanity to a space because the array of framed pieces imply an array of thoughts and moments-in-time for the inhabitant.

I subscribe to 'too many' (if that is even possible) magazines and over the past year have been saving pages that I thought would be really beautiful framed together - such a cheap way to make a wall look amazing!  In the most recent issue of Domino Quick Fixes, fashion designer Liz Lange and Interior Designer Jonathan Adler did just that, but with vintage Vogue Covers.  

They aligned them in a tight grid and used the same black frame to unify them and reduce visual clutter.    I can't wait to do this in my new apartment.  

Even more than grids, I love clustered gallery walls.  Here are a few examples I found and that which make me green with envy:

The continuity in this gallery wall is perhaps a 'gateway' for those scared to jump right in.  But, even with the obvious connection of the color pallet, the pictures are arranged seemingly randomly. (BTW, that door?  obsessed). 
 Taken from The Pursuit Aesthetic.   

This tiny gallery is perfection - the composition fills the space just so, and the differences in the visual weight of the frames really balance out well (and, of course, the Celine Box doesn't hurt the appeal, right?).
Taken from Breakfast at Zara's

Gold tones are the unifying element in this gallery - I love the mix of oil painting, text and prints - the former two of which allow the viewer to not take the oil painting too seriously. 
Taken from Sadiddy Blog.  

Finally, and this is my favorite, the elements in this gallery wall range from an oil painting of a landscape, a photograph of a bird to a poster of skyscrapers, among others.  They are seemingly unconnected, but it is the warm tones that connect them and, more importantly, the furniture in the rest of the room. It all works together to create a beautiful residential exhibit.  
Taken from Houzz

This great article from the Glitter Guide gives even more advice on hanging gallery walls but most important of all - don't be afraid to have fun with it, express yourself, and feel free to change it up as often as you wish!  


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